After almost a decade in social work, I was called to begin using my skills and satisfying my curiosity surrounding brain plasticity in a coaching practice of my own. My experience in advising individuals and communities through times of change, growth, and transition has brought me to my current practice, where the magic of healing ourselves is informed by science. I believe my work complements other forms of healing, and I’d be honored to join you on your curative path.


I lived with and sought to heal my own chronic health concerns for nearly twenty eight years. This experience gave me profound insight into chronic illness and subsequently, the various and beautiful opportunities for healing. I’ve struggled with the trauma of misdiagnosis, with the grief that comes with being misunderstood and turned away by medical professionals—and finally, the hope of finally feeling seen, heard, and empowered to heal.

Along with treatment and physical healing from illness, there is a deep spiritual journey that comes with this challenging journey. The spirit and body, healing in tandem, ask this of us: that we dig deeper, and truly find ourselves there—not as a result of our illness, but not necessarily in spite of it either.

I wish to provide support and clarity as you do this brave work. As a passionate advocate of the chronic illness community, I believe that finding your voice is an integral part of healing from any chronic illness. I aim to embody this truth and empower my clients by helping to connect them to the right resources, be they worldly or ethereal. 


It’s an honor to be able to share my passion for advocating for and empowering others in this community. We are all our own best guides, and help along our journeys is necessary at times. My foremost goal is to bring clarity, empowerment, and healing through our practice together.

You deserve to be heard and seen.